September 2017

Hot Topic: Digitally Driven Integrated Primary Care & Behavioral Health

The Samepage team was thrilled to see the latest point of view in Current Psychiatry Reports authored by Lori Raney from Health Management Associates, among others.  We couldn't agree more with their summary: "more widespread implementation of effective integrated primary care and behavioral health can be accomplished with the help of technology solutions that can [...]

May 2017

Diapression: An Integrated Model for Understanding the Experience of Individuals With Co-Occurring Diabetes and Depression

One in eight individuals with diabetes has major depression, and another one-fifth may have less severe but clinically significant depressive symptoms. Diabetes patients with comorbid depression can have worse self-care and treatment adherence, glycemic control, and increased morbidity and mortality. The symptoms of diabetes and depression often intertwine in what can be termed “diapression.” Approaching [...]