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February 2017

Integrating Care for the Whole Person-Collaborative Teams for Behavioral Health and Medical Conditions

How many of your diabetes patients also have some level depression?  Our data shows that many or most of them do and at least a third have significant depressive symptoms.  Often called “Diapression”, these patients are 2-3X more costly to treat because of the additional challenges they face.  Dr Ciechanowski loves to spread the word [...]

BU Spark! to Host Technovation Speaker Series with BU Alum, Rebecca Norlander

BU Spark, the Institute’s new initiative to support student-driven innovation and entrepreneurship, is pleased to host its very first Technovation Speaker Series with Rebecca Norlander, a BU Computer Science Alumna. 4:00-6:00 PM on Thursday, March 30, 2017 Hariri Institute for Computing, Seminar Room, 111 Cummington Mall Event Webpage & Registration Link   This event will include an [...]