Hear Samepage Health founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Paul Ciechanowski speak about his vast experience with behavioral health integration and how to leverage technology to improve impact and efficiency.


Leveraging Technology for System Improvement, Northern California, April 6, 2016

Technology continues to be an important means to the end of system improvement, but it must play a part within a larger contextual story of organizational innovation.  This panel will offer two deep dives into lessons drawn from implementing innovative technology as part of a broader set of organizational strategies

Behavioral Health and Integration into Physical Health Care, Oregon, September 28, 2016

With four years of integrated financing in CCOs, and technology supporting integration across all lines of business, what is the status of integrating care across behavioral and physical health? This panel will discuss the trends, outcomes, and promise of integration.

Behavioral Health Integration: How is it Working?, Southern California, October 31, 2016

There is common awareness now that caring for the mental health of a person often

has direct implications for the care of the physical health of a person. However, the integration of those two care models has not always been straightforward. This panel will discuss how strategies for integration have performed and what lessons have been learned.

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